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The partnership behind the

Risk Culture Week

As a joint collaboration, we provide tailor-made support to positively shape your organisation’s risk culture.


In our partnership, Intys and Senscia aim to tackle the art and science of risk management.
We recognise that problem-solving is part of our DNA. Whilst we are enriched by theory, we are hands-on and pragmatic in everything that we do. We also like to support our clients make sense of risk and quality is driven into everything we do. We make risk interesting so that your people grow in capability.

Between both, we have common interests, shared approaches and different skill sets. When combined, our diversity is greater than the sum of our parts.

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June 28, 2021 Marian

Is ‘risk culture” real and can it be managed?

Missed out on the daily segments of our Risk Culture Week? Watch the complete video here.
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Day 5 – Intentionally shaping your organization’s risk culture starts with three simple steps

Day 4 – There is no one-size-fits-all risk culture

Day 3 – Risk culture is the difference between bureaucracy and belief

Day 2 – Risk management effectiveness might come from a surprising direction

Day 1 – Our attempts to improve our organization’s risk management effectiveness might not be working

Complete video

Is 'risk culture' real and can it be managed?

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