Why a collaboration between

Intys and Senscia?

Why joy and sorrow, Laurel and Hardy, thunder and lightning, sweet and sour, pen and paper, gin and tonic, salt and pepper, art and science, research and development, Fred and Ginger, cheese and wine?

Some are intrinsically co-related, some provide contrast and depth to each other, some are meaningless alone, some find a unique value in partnership that can’t be recreated in isolation.

Between Intys and Senscia we have common interests, shared approaches and different skill sets. When combined, our diversity is greater than the sum of our parts. That’s why we are so pleased to be collaborating on the subject of Risk Culture, helping existing and future clients enrich their risk management in this way.

For Intys, we recognise that problem-solving is part of our DNA. We think deeply, we listen carefully, we read widely.  Whilst we are enriched by theory, we are hands-on and pragmatic in everything that we do. In wanting to help clients recognise the challenges they have, we also want to join them in executing the strategies that will overcome them. Our risk consultancy enables clients to better manage their risks, like a sparring partner helps a boxer to be sharper and more prepared for their next fight.

With Senscia, we like to help our clients make sense of risk. For effective risk management to take place in an organisation, is like making an orchestra sound good. There’s a lot that needs to be done and timed correctly and it takes just a small mistake to lead to something disastrous. We make the best risk eLearning and micro-training videos that can be had (or so we’ve been told). Quality is driven into everything we do, so we use expert Art Directors, audio engineers, video editors and animators to make our materials a pleasure to use. Our instructional designers craft compelling messages that engage attention and curiosity. In short, we make risk interesting so that your people grow in capability.

In our partnership, Senscia and Intys tackle the art and science of risk management. Technical, procedural and analytical dimensions are vital to building a realistic and useful picture of risks being faced. But this information is distilled through social structures, individual perceptions, verbal and written communications, cognitive biases. As with the orchestra, good timing is vital. 

As a joint collaboration, we provide tailor-made help and support to positively shape risk culture, to make something outstandingly good.

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