Risk culture in Financial Institutions

We conclude this Risk Culture Week (for now) by sharing with you this insightful piece which has both depth on topics discussed but is broad in terms of the angles it covers. The authors are well-established academics and critics of Enterprise Risk Management, collaborating together at the London School of Economics.


Power, Ashby and Palermo highlight some important (and relevant) questions related to risk culture that CROs, CEOs or boards ask themselves. Whilst written with banks and insurers in mind, it has much broader applicability. This paper is worth having as an in-depth resource to turn to (it’s 107 pages long) when formulating a risk culture programme of your own.


If you still have some energy at the end of this week, that’s good to go through the 107 pages document. By reading this, you will be on your way to mastering this subject. If you don’t have the time now, why not embarking on this Research Report while packing for your next holidays?


The report is available from the LSE here:

Download the report here
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Power, Ashby and Palermo (2013)